I started this blog as an additional platform to showcase the images I have taken in Kyrgyzstan & also Central Asia – apart from my website http://www.andrewchen.biz.

I count it a privilege to be able to work & live here in our adopted country. Who knows how long more we will be here… So, through my photography and publications of postcards, calendars, coffee-table books, pictures, etc, I hope to contribute to the marketing of Kyrgyzstan in a positive way.

Tourism is a key strategy by which this country can achieve real economic & social development. I’m just trying to do my small part.

Thank you for viewing this blog!

18 Responses to About

  1. Diana Ng says:

    Hi Andrew
    I am writing from a TV production company based in Singapore. My team is currently working on an local TV series profiling personal journeys of Singaporeans living and working in destinations away from Singapore.
    We came to read that you are currently based in Kyrgyzstan. Would you be keen to share your life in Kyrgyzstan with us. We are very keen to discuss with you details of our request . You can reach me via my email. Thank you for your time and I hope to receive a favourable reply from you soon.
    Diana Ng

  2. Gregory Scarbrough says:

    Hi Andrew
    I was in Kyrgyzstan for ten months from August 2011-June 2012. I bought three of your postcards and love them. I was wondering if there was a way to get more of them?
    Best wishes,
    Gregory S.

  3. Susan Hougas says:

    How can I buy some calendars in the US?

  4. I am sorry, but the products (postcards, calendars, books) are only available for sale in Kyrgyzstan. Distribution overseas is not possible right now.

  5. Nice showing photos of Kirghizistan. Through a blog, sales are good for books and calendars ?

  6. Anne says:

    Hello Andrew. Your photographs are wonderful. Does the Kyrgyzstan -a panorama perspective, have a panorama of the Achik-Tash base camp in it, too? Many thanks, Anne

    • Dear Anne, Thank you that you have enjoyed my photography of Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyzstan (a panorama perspective) features 2 pictures of the Lenin Peak mountain, but not of the Achik Tash base camp itself. Regards, Andrew

  7. Lollie says:

    I just returned from a month in Kyrgyzstan and although your pictures are outstanding, they do not show the real Kyrgyzstan that I saw. Very poor housing, infrastructure, most people don’t dress the way you show in your pictures, you don’t show the markets or roadside vendors who sell their foodstuff or the conditions under which they must make a living everyday, or the equipment or lack of equipment they use. I saw cutting grass along the roadside by hand using a sickle, building roads with wheel barrows and picks. Property with high locked fencing to protect themselves and their property, even the poorest do this. Driving conditions are terrifying with no lines and some places where the road ends into uncoming traffic, people walking out in front whether driving the highway or in the cities. The Kssyk-Kule Lake is so big and beautiful, clean but no deceit access to it, with lots of garbage left behind, it will soon be polluted and it will be their loss. I would only guess that your publications are edited before publications so that the real country is not shown. It is a beautiful place to visit for sure but very scary

    • Nora says:

      I lived a long time in Kyrgyzstan, and may say to Lollie.. no any countries in the world do not show the tourists the bad things but only the best. And it is normal for all.. when you have the visitors in your country or even in your house you ( surely) show them the best right?
      Andrew makes the true pictures of Kyrgyzstan.

      Btw the people dress very well .. specially young people..very fashionable ( i was very surprised of it)
      And all dependence what you want to see..Even in the USA we try to show the best no any tour companies show you the terrible places ( we have lots of them really) but show them the nice places what we proud of it.

      If you ( Lollie) Negative person you see the negatives things..
      Thank you Andrew you show this country as it is… KYrgyz people the most friendship nation of all Central Asia. THat what I noticed. And I was in all countries of CA.
      Thank you Andrew that you love this people and country as well.
      I loved one too
      Nora .
      btw, in august me and my husband are visiting Kyrgyzstan again. 🙂

  8. Benjamin Castor says:


    Very impressed by your work. I was hoping that you and I could discuss a potential job that our company would like to conduct in Kyrgyzstan. If you could please email me at the address I have listed, we could go over this in greater detail. Look forward to your reply. Thanks.


  9. Stephen says:

    Andrew, I came across your books and calendars in the Bishkek Historical Museum and really enjoy your photos! I’d love to ask you a few questions about photography in Kyrgyzstan if you’re willing? If so, email me or contact me via my webpage!

  10. Karsten Mueller says:

    Do you sell postcards to Germany?

  11. Pavel says:

    Dear Andrew. Please, can I buy your older book “Kyrgyzstan – Land of the Celestial Mountains” at some bookshop in Bishkek? I am also interested in your calendars with panoramic photos – are they also available? Please reply to my e-mail soon. Thank you. Wish you much success – your photos are very nice!

  12. Amy Achgill Sue says:

    Hi Andrew!! I would like to buy a 2016 calendar! I hope we can meet up in Singapore in January when Dave and I come up there.

  13. Andy says:

    Hey Andrew,

    I am blogger – marxgetsetgo.com – and I document weird, wacky and interesting iconic monuments about the political left. I recently came across a Marx Engels monument, specifically the golden one in the Bishkek national museum, not the other one which I have written about here – http://marxgetsetgo.com/the-marx-and-engels-in-bishkek-kyrgyzstan/ I am writing because I need both information and a few nice pictures for me to put up on the website. I wondered if you could help with either of these issues as I saw you run the only tourist information site for the city of Bishkek.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  14. jennytough says:

    Hi Andrew, I was hoping to contact you about a potential project, but your .biz website is down! Could you please email me (contact on my website) to chat further? 🙂

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